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    help, vertigo won't go away :(
    gringa1 posted:
    hello everyone, just getting the point, I'm so tired of this dizziness. This started on Wednesday just feeling little dizzy and headache that I had for almost 2 weeks, then comes Thursday morning full blown vertigo took my med for dizziness which helped the nausea, and bowl movments. Today I'm still dizzy if I try doing faster movement, ie; cleaning or laundry start to feel bad again.
    Looking for some remedies.
    Could this be related to lupus, forgot to mention 2 weeks prior I had a very busy 2 weeks at work.
    lisaisweavebee responded:

    I don't know if it would be lupus related or not. I suppose with lupus, anything would be possible. I have periods of being light headed but it is only mild. Have you seen a ENT? I wonder if the fluid in your eustachian tube is off?

    Hope you get some relief because being dizzy just plain sucks!

    LupieTonya responded:
    Humm, you know that sounds like how I started back in 2003-04. I battle daily with dizziness, nausea, headaches, vision and stomach issues. I have gotten better about it and sometimes don't even notice it or it goes away for a few days sometimes weeks. But these issues have not completely gone away. I can't help but think too it is lupus related.

    Back in 2003 I didn't know I had lupus. I went to the Drs they all thought it was stress related and checked for diabetes and thyroid and other things. Test turned out all ok. Then in 2009 I ended up going back cause I couldn't stand nausea and stomach problems I seemed to keep having. I found out I had a stomach infection and a bleeding ulcer. I ended up with Helicobacter pylori virus. I complained again about my issues I stated above...the clinic didn't know what was wrong with me and again told me it was probably stress related and due to me being over weight.

    Finally in 2010 I was pregnant with m son and I got state insurance and got tested for all kinds of things under the sun....then I started to feel a little more sane and found out I was diagnosed with Lupus.

    I would definitely keep asking around about it.
    anowlin responded:
    Some years ago, I became quite dizzy and as nurses can talk themselves into an early grave, I found myself not much different.

    An ENT made the suggestion that I take an over-the-counter product marketed for dizziness, called Bonine/generic is meclizine (TM). She called these episodes which I got about 2 times a year, viral labrynthitis.

    After about 3 years of the labrythitis and taking Bonine when I needed it, I no longer take it, nor do I have those episodes of dizziness which were so incapcitating and caused me to miss work.
    melanieduff responded:
    I have had dizziness and fainting spells for about one year before someone finally figured out what was going on. My cardiologist ordered a tilt test which I failed miserably. I have to take blood pressure medicine to keep my blood pressure up. Evidently blood pools in my legs when I stand. My Internist and Rheumatologist say I will have lots of instability in my autonomic nervous system, which will continue to cause a lot of problems for me.
    Hope this helps.
    lupylisa44 replied to melanieduff's response:


    Do you know the origin of your vertigo? Have you gotten a diagnosis yet? My friend hadf bouts of vertigo for years. The doctor prescrived physical therapy exercises which helped her finally get rid of "the dizzies!"

    Please check in and let us know how you are doing!
    With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
    blessingsTU replied to lupylisa44's response:
    I have bouts of vertigo too. Seems to be worse during fall allergy season with all the sneezing. It must loosen up something in my inner ears because I went to the ENT three years ago for it and he said he thought it was viral and also said labrynthitis. Took about 3 months to go away. No meds. But it seems to be coming every year now. Usually hits me when I lie down or if lying down, turn from side to side, or when I first sit up. If I bend over to look in the lower cabinets it might hit me. Sometimes it is real bad and everything spins if I just move my head. Other times, just hits me when I lie down or sit up but then is okay the rest of the time.

    What kind of physical therapy did this person do? What kind of doctor prescribed it? My family doctor and cardiologist have not done anything but suggested meds to try. I would be interested in physical therapy if it works and the dizziness goes away permanently. Sometimes just putting my head down brings it on. It is very aggravating and you never know when it is going to happen.
    jenni94loopy replied to melanieduff's response:
    Hi Melanie, I am so glad you responded to this post. Your posting struck a chord w/me. This was what happened to me for yrs(dizziness/faiting spells/Blood pressure -very low) before they dx me with Lupus, fibro, and Sjogrens. It has been a hard road as they told me "it was all in my head" even after landing on my rear many times and having to go to Er and get IV fluids. Very scary to go through. They have not performed a tilt test on me but have me on Fludrocortisone/salt tablets daily and Midodrine. The last Rheumy told me I have autonomic neuropathy, but he has retired and it seems like I am starting new for someone to figure me out. It has been many yrs and so many changes, can you offer any tips or how to address w/medical drs. Sometimes feel very frustrated and hope more info keeps coming out about how lupus affects the body. Thanks
    ana1luisa responded:

    I have this and have had bad bouts of it that have landed me in the ER to get fluids and meds. But I found it can be related to my allergies. i have not had an episode since I started using my netty pot regularly. Something else that has cleared the vertigo up is, I go to the chiropractor and he aligns my back including my neck. It really works. But I totally understand how embarrassing it is to fall or to just get dizzy and have to grab onto something. It has been called benign positional vertigo, too. The test done for this is called an ENG ( I think it stands for electro nystagmis ?) and can be done in an ENT office by an audiologist.
    I am sorry you are going through this. At the same time I am comforted that I am not the only one. Yes it is in our head, in the ear and or cervical vertebra. I hate that phrase, "its all in your head," I'm sorry you have to hear that.
    Take care,
    RobertStephen responded:
    I have had balance problems for many years. Firstly, I had vertigo for six months. Then I started falling down all the time for about five years. My neurologist told me that there was nothing he could do about it and that it would go away by itself. Then, I took the Plaquenil and I stopped falling all the time. However, I still had problems with my balance. An otoneurologist tested me and said that I had a viral infection in my left ear. Now I have to go to Vestibular PT.
    Anon_181696 replied to RobertStephen's response:
    Hi, I too have had balance problems for many years. I had the tilt table test as part of a Fibromyalgia study and found I had neuromediated hypotension which is your blood pressure goes down. But I also have some brain lessions in my left temporal which I believe effect my balance. I too have severe allergies. There are so many things we all have that can effect this. Low blood sugar, also makes me very dizzy sometimes, as does florescent lighting, certain stores I know now to just not go into.

    I understand this can be very embarassing. Last month I fell in my bedroom and landed on my right temple unto wood floor. I had to go go the er to make sure there was no internal bleeding. Due to prednisone you can imagine the bruise.

    I do many of the proactive things mentioned. Most recently seeing a chiropractor which has been very helpful.

    I guess my main point is there may be more than one thing going on which makes it even harder to discern. As others have said you are not alone. Hang in there and keep trying to figure out your major source of trouble. Lupus and the secondary autoimmune diseases cause a host of bizarre symtoms, as do some of the meds we take for them, you may want to check the side effects and interactions of your medications also.
    lupysue responded:
    I also get dizzy all the time and chalked it up to another lupus symptom..I put my hands over my head, don't know why this helps!
    R Swamy Venuturupalli, MD, FACR replied to lupysue's response:
    I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. It is terrible to have dizziness and vertigo- certainly makes life uncomfortable. I have a few comments based on what I'm reading on the posts.

    The most common cause for vertigo is an inner ear infection- sometimes called viral labyrinthitis. Meclizine is a good drug to help with the symptoms. Since your symptoms are of new onset, it makes an inner ear infection more likely than a lupus related cause. Unfortunately, labyrinthitis can take several weeks to resolve and can recur. Usually a neurologist or ENT physician can prescribe specific vestibular therapy for resistant/persistant cases.

    The longer the symptoms persist, we would need to consider an alternative diagnosis. However, if the symptoms worsen, you get hearing loss or you develop addtional neurological symptoms- tingling, numbness, facial weakness etc. you will need to seek urgent medical help to rule out more unusual causes.

    Hope that helps you. All the best.
    lupes65 responded:
    Hello...I read all of your responses and am surprised that no one mentioned having an ENT use a therapy called an Epley maneuver.

    I had chronic bouts of Vertigo that started after I received a whiplash injury.....I was treated by a Neurologist for about ten years with anti-vertigo meds. Finally, my family doctor suggested that I see an ENT who he recommended. That was the best advice I ever had.

    It took the ENT's nurse about ten minutes or less to fix my problem. Apparently, there are little crystal like stones in the semi-circular canals that control balance. These sometimes get out of whack and can cause vertigo and dizziness. Once this maneuver is performed, the stones are moved back into the proper position and VOILA, THE VERTIGO IS GONE. JUST LIKE THAT.....AFTER TEN YEARS.

    Ask your family Doctor about this and perhaps he can recommend a Dr. who can perform this procedure for you. It was more than worth the few minutes it took to finally get my head back in proper order. All I can say is "wow" and why do not more Doctors know or recommend this easy approach to treating vertigo without the use of drugs?
    lisatru62 responded:
    I've had off and on dizziness for awhile even before I was diagnosed. Had a bad case of veritgo earlier in the month and had an MRI. Apparently I have a vestibular schwannoma or lesion on a nerve in my inner auditory canal. Still waiting to see the otologist but typical vertigo is caused by inner ear problems or inflammation. On going dizziness can be something else. Ask for an MRI.


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