leecat41 posted:
Is it normal for your rheumy to treat you for lupus even though you have a negative ANA?
lisaisweavebee responded:

Yes, if he feels your symptoms are such that he suspects it. I've had positive ANAs and negative ones over the years and he has never changed his course of care for me as a result.

sadi23 replied to lisaisweavebee's response:
Hell-o It took a long time for my diagnoses, I finally did in my early 20's i often have a neg. ANA. but i am now 52 and have many secondary medical conditions, I am now very ill. I am in kidney Failure, and last month diagnosed with Diabetes. So I would let them treat you, so you don;t get sicker, as there are many of us with neg. ANA. but we DO have Lupus and many more issues due to it. I wish I was treated years before, maybe I wouldn't be so ill now. other doctors will try to say you don't have Lupus down the road, if they don't think out of the box, move on to a new doc. as our doctors need to listen and think out of the box, to truly serve us well. Good luck teri
Aliceblu replied to sadi23's response:
I am ANA neg or at least was last check. Took three years for diagnosis and it almost destroyed my life

I have other antibodies and symptoms finally diagnostic about 8 months ago

The plaquinil has changed my life as far as being able to function. My pain is reduced and my fevers tend to suck less. I feel better Ina general systemic way.

I actually am working now and got a job at apple. I still flare but so far nothing like before unless I'm off meds for some reason. Then watch out!

Good luck