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question for dr and anyone else (caution, it's personal)
leecat41 posted:
Ok, I have to have a hysterectomy on Oct 12th. As consolation for losing my uterus I told my husband that I would like breast implants. I just read where one of the people on that site said that people with autoimmunes can't have implants. Is this true?
To do what is right is not always easy, to do what is easy is not always right.
Lupylisa44 responded:
Some people say that silicone breast implants can cause lupus. But There is no scientific proof that they do. Mary McDonough who played Erin on the TV show The Waltons says that is how she got lupus.

These days I believe they use both silicone and saline filled implants. Subjecting yourself to any unneccessary surgery when you have lupus can be very risky and lead to more complications than an average person. That being said, if YOU think they will make you feel better about your body image, and YOU really want them and think the risk is worth it, then I say go for it!

I would suggest that you get some of those silicone bra fillers also known as "chicken cutlets" and wear them around for a while and see if you like them. You may find that you don't like them. Most people I have known that got implants wished they hadn't done it! Most of them got them to impress a guy and/or other people, but it turns out most guys don't like fake boobs!! Most say that "more than a handful is a waste!" Just out of curiousity, what is your hubby's opinion about you getting implants?

Having had very small breasts (34 A) all my life, I also wished for larger breasts. Then, I experienced what it was like to have larger breasts when I was trying to get my hormone replacement to the right levels they got huge! I went from a 34A to a 36C a very full C cup. What I discovered is that I didn't like them one bit!! They were too big and heavy and got in my way all of the time!!! Now I am back to about a 36 very small B and am very happy with that!

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
leecat41 replied to Lupylisa44's response:
Thank you for the response. I have always wanted them but just seems like I really want them now. I'm not doing it for anyone other than myself. My husband said he loves me no matter what and will support any decision that I make. He feels like it's my body so it's my decision but has made sure that I understand he loves me just the way that I am. I am very blessed to have him at my side. It wouldn't be right away. But maybe I won't need to once I do the hormones too. lol You never know, but I'm glad it's an option.
To do what is right is not always easy, to do what is easy is not always right.
R Swamy Venuturupalli, MD, FACR replied to leecat41's response:
I agree with Lupylisa's post completely. The scientific evidence that silicone implants cause lupus is inconclusive. However, depending how severe your lupus is, any surgery could be complicated. Ultimately, as you both noted its a personal decision. All the best,

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