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Question : Spontaneous bruising
lupylisa44 posted:
Recently I have been experiencing something different. All of a sudden get a sharp pain in my fingers, usually around a knuckle, and then there is little redness followed by a bruise! It just starts to hurt out of the blue and then I get a dark purple spot. By the next day it is gone.

It happened when I was putting on some gardening gloves, when I am holding my steering wheels and it happened again last night. All I was doing is holding the handle of a pan! I didn't hit it or anything injure myself in any way.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this strange symptom? Could it be something to do with my kidneys flaring up? Hormones? Steroids?

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
RJANU responded:

Hi, I think it is part of your flare, especially because of the dark purple spot. Is it very round? I would photograph it and email it to your doctor. I believe it is called purpura. It is in the Dan Wallace book. It may be from your higher dose of steroids. It is like a burst blood vessel. Although they hurt it is good that they go away. I would still email your doc as an FYI.

I get them in different places from time to time. I hope this eases your mind.
renalupie1 responded:
mom bruised bad with the kidney issues. you are on a ton of meds too. I notice now that the plaquenil is steady in my system I am bruising when people look at me. LOL.

Definately call doc though

Octoberschild responded:
I have pain in my hands and knuckles all the time any more. I don't see bruising spots, but I know my hands feel horribly bruised after I've driven my car. I attribute that to the Fibromyalgia. My knuckles hurting all the time is from the Lupus. I have noticed that I am bruising much easier now then ever before. Sometimes I'll just wake up and there will be a bruise for no reason at all. I just healed from one horrific bruise on my wrist that was traveling up just beyond my wrist. I took pictures of it to show my Rheumatologist.

Sometimes I even get blood blisters under my nails for no reason. Any more I'm never sure if it's a Lupus thing or something else going on. After reading the book about Lupus seems like there are many things that happen to us Lupies that is all a part of Lupus.
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hatingsle replied to Octoberschild's response:
which book about Lupus?
hatingsle replied to RJANU's response:
The Dan Wallace book? Sorry to show my ignorance, but can you shed more light?
lupylisa44 replied to hatingsle's response:
It's Called "The Lupus Book" By Daniel Wallace MD . I think it is required reading for every lupus patient and is like our "lupus bible"

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
shannielee74 responded:
Don't feel bad. I haven't read the 'book' yet either. It's on my purchase list behind a bunch of other great books.
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tlmonge responded:
Hi...I see you posted this 2 years ago...however, your description is exactly what I have experienced twice in the last two days. One on my right thumb knuckle and the other just above my big toe, more on the top of my foot than toe. Very sharp pain, swelled look like vein and then burning sensation and followed by a bruise. The bruise is still there but faded.
I recently had an IUD removed and thought maybe the hormone change. Where you able to get a diagnosis or did it continue to occur. I would great appreciate it if you could let me know how this worked out for you.
Thank you very much

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