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Lupus and marijuana?
An_240923 posted:
My friends mom was recently diagnosed with Lupus and I was looking to do some research for her pain. My mother, similar to his mother (actually it is basically the same exact story), was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a few years back when she began to experience extreme pain, numbness, headaches, and even blindness. But the doctors beleived she had acquired the disease some 13 years prior to the diagnosis and had many lesions on her brain and down her spine. She was perscribed xanax and oxycodone for pain and anxiety on top of a list of other medications for fibromialgia(typo?) and migraines for years up and was still experiencing the same symptoms, deeming her bed ridden for weeks. Up until a few months ago when I heard of medical marijuana use in my state being legal. Long story short, combined with the use of necessary pills, she tried it and made her feel better than just her medicine alone for sure. After experiencing the treatment a few times she says if she hadnt been taking a few of the medicines (i.e. xanax, oxycodone..etc.) could have definently been replaced as they relieved a lot of her symptoms She was able to get up and walk around and go about a semi-normal day instead of being in so much pain all the time and no anxiety attacks, and since then even less flare ups. I'm not sure exactly what symptoms are being exhibited so far or exactly what damage is done in my friends case but Im pretty sure it isn't too bad on her yet but considerable enough pain to make her notice. I remind you the use of marijuana I speak of is definently and only legal use w/ the appropriate liscensing, as we live in Washington State. Do you think it would have any type of positive effect in at least a healthier attempt at a pain killer? Could it help prevent or at least help her not notice any other medical problems that may stem from her lupus (i.e. my mothers fibromialgia (typo?)) ? Could it help her lead a more normal pain-free life than without? Any input is appreciated, having gone through the same thing as a son I was inclined to help my friend through this by helping his mother out of pain and out of the hospital.

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