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    Monday Check in 11/7/11
    Lupylisa44 posted:
    Hi Everyone!

    I hope you all had a good weekend! How do you like that extra hour of sleep? It's pretty nice if you ask me!

    My weekend was spent shopping!!! Now that my thyroid is regulated,I have lost a bunch of weight and all my clothes were too big! Silly me gave all my small and size 0 stuff away last year for donations!!! Since I can't go out looking like a shlump-a-dinka, I had to get some new duds! Oh Boy! did I score!!! I had a budget of $300 and I was able to get 3 new pr of shoes (Bjorn, Merrell and Skechers) 8 lovely new sweaters, 7 long sleeve shirts, and 3 pairs of Levis jeans! And I had just enough left over for a starbucksk vanilla latte and a little snack!!!

    today is going to be spent dong laundry and changing over my closet from summer to winter which is a huge job! Not sure if I can get it all done in one day, but I'm going to try!

    Have a great weak!

    With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
    lisaisweavebee responded:
    Day late and a dollar short again - i swear one of these times I'll make Monday check in on time.

    In my defense, I have been really busy with this weeks wedding cake and I found out that I will be having surgery next week to deal with some pain I've been experiencing. Nothing major ( hopefully) just looking around in abdomen/pelvic rejoin. Hopefully just out patient.

    I am still doing the gluten free and am amazed at how much better I am!! Although it has not helped with my malar rash (dang!!). I still have hopes to stop my lupus meds. I see my PCP tomorrow to get his advice.

    Hope everyone has a great week!!

    ana1luisa replied to lisaisweavebee's response:

    I've been off and on for the past decade. But my body is going bberzerk on me and I don't know what to do any more. Since the weather changed, I have had pain in my shoulders, hips, knees and wrists. I can't take NSAIDs because my platelets are too low and I am bruising every where. Have been since June. Let me tell you this is getting old. My rhuemie said to wait for another month and see if my values go up. My hematologist discharged me saying I'm fine now. I have patches for pain and cream. They work well but I'm out. I will be buying some tomorrow. God willing. On a lighter note, I am happy to hear that you guys are busy too with wonderful positive things. I have been making aprons for a bazaar to raise money for my sons 4H team.
    Have a good week.
    Ana Luisa
    lisaisweavebee replied to ana1luisa's response:
    Hi Ana,

    Sorry you are in so much pain. It does get old really quickly!! I have spent the last two years in constant pain and it wasn't until I stopped eating gluten before I got real relief. I am "singing it's praises " because it has really made a huge difference in my joint pain.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon and good luck with the apron sales!

    shannielee74 responded:
    This weekend was one of those pain-filled ones. My new hubby, in his desire to find a way to distract me from my pain & stress, bought me a NookColor. I have to say, it has helped a little as I've been exploring its features. I actually am really enjoying it and the nearly 2 million FREE books you can download. I think I've read a half dozen short stories and 3-4 books since I got it sunday afternoon.

    I'm getting excited for Thanksgiving since my oldest will be coming home from school in Golden, CO. She has fallen in love with Colorado and I don't think she'll ever want to live in UT again. Plus I'll have her to go Black Friday shopping with to get the flannel for pj pants that I make my kids every year for Christmas.

    Hope you all have a great week!
    ~~~Life is what happens when your busy making other plans...John Lennon~~~
    1stLadyDi replied to shannielee74's response:
    I'm very glad for you & glad you're enjoying your Nook. I'm thinking hard about getting one, but don't know if I will get B&W or Color.

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