Overactive Saliva Glands
1stLadyDi posted:
Over the last couple of weeks, almost nightly, I've been experiencing almost an insatiable itch inside of my esophagus that is followed by uncontrolled, excessive saliva being produced as well as lots of hacking. There's so much saliva, I'm having to have a cup or trash can by my bed to spit in (So uncool, etc....). This onset comes out of nowhere, often wakes me up at night, & lasts a good minute. Last night was worse, because instead of being clear, it was tannish & had some of last night's desert (Italian creme cake w/ sliced almonds) in it. There was some burning in the throat so I am assuming acid reflux was present as well. Any idea what this is or has anyone experienced it?
Lupylisa44 responded:
It sounds like what happens to me! I think for me it is an allergy to dust. It happens mostly in the colder months when I run my furnace. I now have a humidifier in my bedroom which helps a lot! Acid reflux can also cause what you describe. Do you take any meds for it?

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1stLadyDi replied to Lupylisa44's response:
I've not gone to the doctor about it yet, so, no, I'm not on any meds for it. I am thinking it may be related to acid reflux, but I hope to find out soon. Thanks for responding.