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    Question for Dr. V
    lisaisweavebee posted:
    I need to know if a gluten sensitivity ( not celiac disease) can cause ANA and ds-DNA to test positive? Before I ditch my lupus meds, I need to double check my facts. Unfortunately, my physicians are not familiar with the latest research and unable to advise.

    Thank you for any knowledge you can throw my way!

    lisaisweavebee responded:
    RJANU responded:
    Lisa, I am struggling with the same questions. Because I started eating foods I am allergic to I wonder if I caused the lupus. When told I could reintroduce them I was expecting to have an asthmatic reaction. When I was diagnosed in 1996 and started on prednisone I ate wheat and dairy because there was no immediate reaction. Now even on 10mg of pred daily and 200mg of plaquenil I never feel well. I keep asking about the food thing. If I ask my primary care, now he says I could try eliminating wheat and see what happens, before he did not think it would have an effect. If you ask someone more into interagitive meds they say no one with lupus should eat wheat or dairy. You can goggle Dr. Weil have you heard of him? He is a pioneer in the field of interagitive meds and has a lot of information on the subject. Some of the things he suggest to eat are things I know I never will eat. Also perhaps you could have an allergist give you a skin test for wheat before you ditch your meds. I was on plaquenil for 5 years then stopped due to hearing loss. But after 5 years off I was put back on at 200mg instead of 400mg because of joint issues. I don't know what your meds are but you can always go back on I guess. You will have to be really aware of how you are feeling. For me sometimes things creep up slowly and then I am oh yeah that is why this is happening. It is a hard question because you don't want to be on meds unnecessarily, but you may be doing better due to both things, your meds and the gluten free diet. I honestly don't think there is a consensus on this that all agree upon. Please keep me posted on what you do and how it works out for you.

    Take care,
    lisaisweavebee responded:
    R Swamy Venuturupalli, MD, FACR replied to lisaisweavebee's response:
    Celiac disease and SLE are both autoimmune diseases. Gluten sensitivity, without a diagnosis of celiac disease is a more common condition. There are reports of ANA positivtiy and DS DNA positivity in patients with gluten sensitivitiy. Hence, to answer your question, yes the antibodies could be seen in someone with gluten sensitivity.

    A word of caution before you "ditch" your medicines though. I recommend that you have an honest discussion about your plans with your doctor. Even though your physician may not be in a position to advise you whether to go on the gluten free diet, they could help you by monitoring your condition and advise you about any medication changes.

    All the best!
    lisaisweavebee replied to R Swamy Venuturupalli, MD, FACR's response:
    Thank you!!!

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