Monday 12/5 check in
Lupylisa44 posted:
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Colorado! We have had snow for the past 3 days! Is everyone done with their shopping? I haven't found anything for anyoune yet! Do you have your tree up yet? I am waiting till later this week to put ours up since I have to get the house ready for decorations, i.e cleaning.

Have a good week everyoune!

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
lisaisweavebee responded:
Tree up and I decorated it three different times until I got satisfied. I couldn't decide which theme I liked best, but am very happy with it now. My lights are up outside and look great. I may still throw a few more lights in the outside trees but haven't made a firm decision on that yet.

I plan on finishing my shopping this week. I still have a lot of holiday baking to do and I haven't decided which of my doctors I will make cakes for and which ones I will give homemade chocolate candies to. If I really like them, they get both

Happy Holidays everyone!

nancyj95 responded:
Looking and feeling more like spring here in NY with 60 degree temps! Guess that early snow was a real tease for us. I am an online shopper-can't pound the mall pavement as it hurts too much. Most stuff is on the way. I really bless the internet! My house is decorated almost completely and I'm busy baking. Have learned to take breaks while I'm working or else I end up in bed for days!
Have a good week!