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skin rashes
IhurtthereforeIam posted:
I have multiple skin rashes: On my face have a continually reappearing red, scaly, itchy patch above my lip, and what I think is the malar or butterfly rash across my nose. On my hands I have blisters which turn into hard callous-like red scars, and on many finger-tips, I have small hard,red sores which feel as though there is a sliver or piece of glass in each one, very painful to touch. On my finger-tips, these have left indented scars, as well. So weird! Anybody else have these?
Lupussufferersince15 responded:
Lately I've been noticing lumps on my finger tips kind of like what you're describing. They've also appeared on my toes lately as well. I don't know what's causing them I'm looking for answers. They look kind of like a blister but they're hard and hurt. They haven't caused indents yet, but I don't know if they will. It seems to only happen for me when I'm having a flareup with my fingers and toes.
candi619 replied to Lupussufferersince15's response:
I get them on my hands and fingers they get red under the skin and feels almost like my skin is stretching,, then later it leaves a scaly outline of where the swelling was.. My Dr. said its called Dyshidrotic eczema she gave me a topical steriod cream. Mine seems to come and go with flares as well
dozzi responded:
Sounds like shingles I am just getting over it on my face on one side affecting my mouth,nose,cheek, and eye

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