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Question for a Dr.
Lupussufferersince15 posted:
I just noticed that my toenails are kind of rippled. Could this be from my lupus? I'm in a mild flare up right now from the weather changing and stress. I just want to know in case I need to get it checked out further.
I am not a Dr. but I have had a diagnosis of Lupus over 27 years. The symptoms that accompany Lupus are SO varied! However, I noticed over 7 years ago my toenails began to thicken and one toenail became completely deformed! Since I have such a wide variety of other diseases that are priority $ wise, now I deal with self pedicures most of the time and try to keep ahead of the monster toenail look! However, I have been told by my doctors that my nails are part of the autoimmune disease. There are DEFINITELY things that can help you-I certainly would address the issue if it bothering you...quality of life is important BUT ALSO to avoid not addressing ANY underlying issues that may be causing this besides the obvious Lupus diagnosis. It is always IMPORTANT to address any changes in your body with your doctors to define the true cause and NOT treat any symptom lightly! Lupus symptoms have such a large umbrella coverage and every year new symptoms/treatments are identified to help you live as close to 'normal' as possible. IT IS NOT VAIN TO WANT TO LOOK THE BEST YOU CAN BE NO MATTER WHAT LIFE THROWS AT YOU. Hope this helps
gringa1 replied to UNEEKTREASURES's response:
OMG, I thought I was going crazy. I have been noticing change on right toe(next to the big toe) my skin is also thick and hard and there days it hurts to walk. The joint on that toe is protruding. That whole toe just looks swollen
What can one do for this??
LupusCat replied to gringa1's response:
I, too, have noticed changes in my big toes especially. I was dx with SLE 7 years ago. But, my big toe nails have "lifted" from the nailbed! I've completely finally lost the right one altogether, I don't think it will grow back this time; but, the left one is only half way down and SORE! Just one more thing to add to the Lupie list. Hang in there and talk with your rheumy about it.
Lupussufferersince15 responded:
Thanks for the comments. I wasn't sure if it was just me or not. I'll make sure to bring it up at my next appointment later this month.
R Swamy Venuturupalli, MD, FACR replied to LupusCat's response:
Lupus can be associated with ridging, pitting, grooves and other nail changes. This is seen in about 25 % of lupus patients. Most of these changes are not specific for lupus and can occur in other conditions as well. It is important to rule out fungal infections, psoriasis and other conditions before ascribing these lesions to lupus. The treatment will depend on the correct diagnosis as determined by your physician.
Additonal nail changes seen in lupus are redness of the half-moon or periungual erythema, which is fairly common. The treatment is to treat the underlying disease activity.
Lupussufferersince15 replied to R Swamy Venuturupalli, MD, FACR's response:

Thank You! I'll ask my Rheumatologist about it on Wednesday, to be sure that its not from the lupus and that it won't get worse.

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