singingbear posted:
Finally after waiting for 3 months I am going for my first Rheumy visit in 8 days. I am a little nervous about what to expect and what I find out. While I don't want to actually have Lupus or RA (or anything else for that matter) I am anxious to know what has been causing my leg and joint pain and swelling these last 6 months. Mostly, I am anxious for some pain relief.

I have written down all of my symptoms (don't know if they are all related but they are all there) and I have my family history of autoimmune diseases listed. I still fear, being overweight, that the doctor will take one look at me and not take me seriously. I feel like my primary tends to do that. Her solution for every visit is weight loss. I know that I have to do that but I have to have some pain relief first.

As you all know, it is so discouraging to wake everyday to face more pain. I am hoping that the Rheumy can give me some answers but I know this could be the beginning of a very long journey.

I would appriciate any advice you could give me for my first visit.

Thank you
leecat41 responded:
Don't give up. Being overweight is a problem that a lot of us suffer from. That doesn't mean that we have to just deal with everything else until we fix that. Don't be afraid to ask questions, lots of them! And good job on the list of symptoms!! Good luck!!
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