SLE & swelling???
leecat41 posted:
Will lupus cause you to swell really bad. My legs swell daily and have been pitting for about two years now. I take lasics daily and also potassium but I still swell and pit. My c-rp has been over 20 for a long time. I've been to several doctors including Vandy. The rheumy there was outraged that no one had tested my kidneys but didn't run any tests herself. I was told to go back to the original rheumy who was trying to treat me with hydroxychloriquin (spelling?) but I had other health issues to pop up first (hysterectomy). Since the surgery, my rash is constant, the swelling never eases up and I'm achy all the time. So I guess I'm just trying to figure out what is caused by the lupus and what isn't. Any suggestions?
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dozzi responded:
my doctor put me on hydroxychloroquine 200mg for Lupus and nabumetone for inflamation 500mg and the swelling went down alot not in constent pain all the time it helped me but I have pluresy too on pain meds for that all the time