pains in chest, doc?
leecat41 posted:
Recently, I've been experiencing a pain in my chest. It's on both sided and it's not a sharp stabbing pain, but more of a sore, pricking pain that alternates sides (not always the same side, but not at the same time either). My rheumy told me to look for chest pains but I'm not sure this is what he meant. I know it's nothing serious like a heart attack or anything, but do I need to go or is this even related?
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lupylisa44 responded:
When you say "pricking pain" is it a pins and needles sensation?

If it were on one side I would say that you probably have or are getting shingles, but shingles only occurs on one side.

What you are describing doesn't sound like the chest pain that is usually associated with lupus. The chest pain they want you to look for is usually caused by pleurisy, pleural effusion, pericarditis pericardial effusion or costochondritis. If the pain you are experiencing is really bothering you, it might be worth getting it checked out by a doctor.

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