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Help (Arthritis? Lupus?)
Hilltwins posted:
Hi, maybe someone can help me because right now I am freaking out. I never even thought about lupus because I didnt know the symptoms. Since the age of 13 i was breaking out in terrible hives and we went to the dermatologist consistently and couldnt figure out what it was. It caused me terrible hives and swelling in my lips and face and lower extremities. All this happened after sun exposure but I never put the pieces together until I was in college. Now i live the life of staying out the sun because more than 15 mins in it will cause terrible rashes and swelling that oozes a peels. make it worse I am allergic to all types of sunscreen so there is nothing that can help me.

Then in my college years i started my bouts of alopecia. I was losing hair and not understanding why, but I was getting injections to help with growth. Since then (10 years now) I have had constant struggle with thinning hair. Having children made it worst, as I was bald in half my head, and had to wear a wig to cover it until it grew back in. My hair always grows back but then it doesnt last long and will fall back out in the same areas.

3 years ago the joint pain started and I thought it was just age (30) catching up with me, but its hurts in my wrists and my hip joints. Recently I now have a terrible pain near my spine and it feels like someone stabbed me in the back and left the knife in. It gets worse at night.

On top of all this i just recently 2 weeks ago started itching like crazy and no one else in my house is. My hands and feet started first. They turn really red and itch, then begin to swell (fingertips especially). Sometimes I cant bare to walk on my feet. I thought it may have been bed bugs or something but it would have been contagious. I now have a terrible rash mostly on my buttocks that flares up and comes back worse. I turn red inside the palms of my hand, on my knees, around my ankles and under my feet.

Sorry this is so much but I am just looking for insight. I am going to the doctor asap. I think its possible I may have had lupus a long time ago and was never diagnosed.

*Low Vit DLevel
*Checking for A-fib
*Frequently have flu like symptoms that leave miserable
lupylisa44 responded:
Hi Hilltwins! Welcome!

It sounds like you have had a pretty rough time! It is definitely a good idea to see a doctor, maybe it wouldyou should see a dermatologist. They can help with your rash as well as the alopecia and may even be able to diagnose the problem. Or, You may want to see a rheumatologist since they are the foremost experts on lupus.

Many of the symptoms you describe sound a lot like lupus especially the sun sensitivity, alopecia and joint pain. Lupus is diagnosed using 11 criteria You can find the list in the Helpful Resources section on the right side of the page. There is also a bunch of other good information in that section.

Before your appointment, I would suggest you document all of your symptoms and maybe even keep a health journal. Take pictures of your rashes in case they are not there at the time of your appointment. For your helath journal, make note of how you feel, your daily temperature, rashes, pains or any other symptoms you may be having, Noting the weather may help as well. You can buy a health journal and they even have personal health software to keep track of everything.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing! I hope you feel better soon!

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
Hilltwins replied to lupylisa44's response:
Thanks so much. I went to the doctor Friday with a chronological list of events and pictures. They ended up taking a lot of blood, about ten vials. I heard him say so many different things, I couldn't keep up. But I do know the ANA is one, and also C3/c4, checking my kidney function and some other things. I know something is wrong, I just need help. Thanks so much. I will keep u posted once I hear something,

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