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Lupus Pneumonitis
lupeylou posted:
Hi, I had a baby 5 1/2 years ago. When she was 3 months old, I started having trouble breathing. If I walk 100 feet or up the stairs, my oxygen would dip to 83%. Doctors tested me for everything, and eventually did an open lung biopsy. Nothing was ever found, so they assumed it to be lupus pneumonitis. I did high doses of prednisone and imuran for two years. During the two years, my breathing got better, but I was still way over fatigued and had very, very little energy. Eventually, a different doctor started treating me for fibromyalgia and I felt 95% better.

Well, that was that and I have felt good ever since. Now I had another baby 3 months ago and the symptoms have returned. I walk up the stairs and my oxygen dips to 80%. I get dizzy when I cough and all the other signs that come with low oxygen. Well, there aren't too many lung doctors in our area, so I was referred to a lung clinic at a larger hospital. They cannot get me in for a month and a half. I can't wait that long, so I need my family doctor to start treating me now. I don't really want to take the steroid route if there are other options. Has anyone tried different treatments? How did they work? Anyone used Oxygen therapy alone? Did it work?
Thanks in advance!
R Swamy Venuturupalli, MD, FACR responded:
It is best to have a thorough work up again to determine the best course of treatment. In the meantime, supplementing with oxygen may not be a bad idea. I am glad to hear that you are getting a full lung work up at a large hospital. All the best.