Scary Medication Reaction
shannielee74 posted:
I have spent months having 'muscle spasms' (for lack of a better explanation) in my arms and legs. It isn't restless leg syndrome. My arms and legs will randomly jerk and it is very painful. My fheumy put me on Soma to help with this. I was looking forward to it helping. I took the first dose and slept great without the painful jerking. However, upon waking the next morning, I found my moods swinging so rapidly it was frightening. I immediately called my doctor who told me to stop the medication. This occurred last Friday and I am finally starting to feel my moods even out.

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced these 'spasms' and, if so, what you do for them. At this point I am scared to try another med as the side effect I had was listed as a rare reaction. Thanks for any/all info.
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lisaisweavebee responded:
Hi shannielee,

Have you had your potassium checked lately? Low K can cause muscle jerking and can be dangerous. It usually has to be pretty low for that to happen and you would be very tired also. Just thought I would throw that out there as I have trouble with low electrolytes all the time.

Hope you feel better soon!