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Lupus Pain and Surgery Complications
Anon_175764 posted:
Thanks for your Reply!Hi I was diagnosed with Lupus after my 4th spinal surgery. I wasswollen to the point that I couldn't bend my fingers or make a fist, I had little reddish spots all over my legs, my face had the Lupus flare, all my Glands in my head and behind my ears were swollen, and I had a horrible headache and joint pain all over.By the time I made it in to the doctor the mysterious symptoms disappeared,but I was insistent he do a ANA test for Lupus. So we found out I had Lupus SLE and ever since I have been Dx'd with it I have had to have 6 more spinal surgeries and after each has been fused I have to have the hardware removed because my body starts attacking it.I have also developed fibromyalgia, SLE, Lupus arthritis, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, restless leg syndrome , asthma,and depression. My back is constantly buldging or messing up.I get sick all the time. I have become allergic to 3 IV antibiotics over the last 4 yrs.Currently I am on prednisone (the majority of the time), restasis for my eyes, Nortriptylin, restoril for sleep, lasix 40mg and 80 mg, soma, plaquenil, singulair, topamax, azelastine HCI nose spray, klonopin, vistaril (pain meds make me itch really bad), lyrica, imuran, mirapex, kadian, percocet, savella, proventil, and systane eye drops.Last spinal surgery was 3 wks ago and I am 38 yrs old and disabled.I have trouble walking without my cane or standing up straight for long periods of time. This last surgery was 5 levels from S-2 up.I keep having problems with my stomach cramps/diahreah.I also keep getting the migraines,fever,and the rash all over my arms/legs, and my face is red on my cheeks and nose. Sometimes the migraines are so bad that they break the blood vessels in my eyes an fill them with blood from the pressure. My eye specialist/ and eye doctor agree that the meds and Lupus is starting to attack my eyes. Does anyone else have problems with horrible hot flashs all the time to the point where my shirt is wet and so is my face? I just don't know what to do anymore.Now they said my 14yr old daughter has a high ANA test and has been having joint pain have a tenative dx of fibro,but hope its just her weight and growing pains any advice? Sorry I hit you with a lot of information and questions.Also I have low vitamin D, and take Omega 3, Voltaren Gel for hand pain, super b complex, asmanex, Vitamin C, Triple Omega. These are some of the other pills I take also.
thank you,

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