How do you deal with pain?
Martine_D posted:
Hello everyone!

I would like to know how you deal with pain? Do you ignore it? Do you try to realy identifie the type of pain? Do you keep a journal of symptoms and pain in witch you quantify and qualifie your pain?

For myself, I realy have great deal of difficulty 'cause I've had pain for more than 35 years now so I dont pay attention to it. If it comes to strong, I just take a pain killer (dilaudid) and continue what I was doing. Since I'm in the processus of diagnose, I keep a journal (at leat I try to do it daily) of my symptoms and pains but it's realy hard to do it.

lupoid responded:
I understand completely. I've had many sites of pain daily for more than 30 years, and I hate it when PTs and other health care providers want me to rate it on a scale because then I have to pay attention to it, and there is nothing they can do about it that's permanent. Like you, I mainly stay busy and distracted from it. If I have to tune into it, then I feel it more, and some of it is quite severe, especially where I have nerves trapped from the advanced arthritis in my neck but also in all my joints. The steroids I take for lupus help reduce all of it by reducing inflammation, but I'm never pain-free. I get acupuncture weekly though to ratchet it down a few points and make it endurable without taking pain medications, which I don't take because I need to be very mentally sharp to do my job. I hate it when people want to give solutions that are like bandaids such as heating pads etc because they are not effective enough to make a difference and just draw attention to what I'm trying to ignore to live my life. I've also found that water exercise helps some as does sleeping on a waterbed for less morning pain and stiffness. in the early years, I documented it but now I no longer do.