Nopalea or Prickly Pear? Dr R. Do you have any insight about this?
LupieTonya posted:
I was up late last night and caught an infomercial about Nopalea. Do any of you know about this? It claims to help with
  • Muscles, joint and body inflammation — causing joint, muscle and body pain
  • Respiratory inflammation — causing allergies and breathing difficulties
  • Arterial inflammation — causing heart health problems
  • Digestive tract inflammation — causing bloating, cramps and burning
  • Widespread body cell inflammation — causing overall fatigue
I have read that it boosts your immune system. I have a problem with that because my Dr told me not to take anything that boosts my immune system because it will cause flares and/or make lupus worse.
I was wondering if this works....Dr R. Do you have any insight about this?
lupylisa44 responded:
IF it was an infommercial on late nite TV I am willing to bet it's a scam. IF they are charging lots of $$ it's probably a scam. IF they make claims that it is a miracle food, then it;s a scam.

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
LupieTonya replied to lupylisa44's response:
Well I was hoping it was something that could help us. But at least I did not spend money on this!!
An_247273 replied to LupieTonya's response:
Really? If it is shown late at night it's a scam? That is a very shallow statement to make. I take Nopalea and it has helped me, and I have several friends that can say the same thing. The company is a Better Business Bureau company and they have a 60 day money back guarantee on all their products. Nopal cactus juice has over 270 research articles in professional medical journals (National Institutes of Health - not some 'community driven health' web site listing non-scientific opinions') stating its antiinflammatory benefits. I don't know about your situation and what your doctor says to do is between you and him. It takes a little more research than 'health hound' ... people believe anything they read on the internet. I think I will start a similar web site and make lots of money from the ads on it just to give opinions that aren't scientificaly based.
1stLadyDi replied to An_247273's response:
Was it really necessary to add the sarcasm in your post? We all are in this "struggle" together. I am glad, though, that you shared your experience with Nopalea. I have seen it's advertisements on some of those late sleepless nights and wondered whether or not it would be helpful in this condition.
TouchforLife replied to An_247273's response:
The Better Business Bureau company status you speak of has been REVOKED as of 1 Sept. 2012.