Lupus Diagnosis
FSUNole14 posted:
I have a doctor that just doesn't seem to get it.
I was sent to a rheumatologist because of blood work and an ongoing problem with joint pain and swelling in my ankles and feet.
I was tested twice for Lupus and both times showed a Positive result.
I also have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and am on Synthroid .100 once a day.
My general practicioner thinks my issues are all due to the thyroid and told me not to worry about the Lupus. She said that FALSE - Positives are normal so I should not be concerned and that no treatment or follow up with the rheumatologist was necessary.
HELP - any advice?
lupylisa44 responded:
Keep seeing the Rheumy and get a new GP!
With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
nancyj95 responded:
I agree with Lisa's response! A new doctor is needed. Interview them before settling for a new one. I know these visits might not be covered by insurance, but it is worth it to find someone who understands and you are comfortable with. Ask the rheumy for a recommendation-you'll be given more than one, but it's a start.