so confused!!!
mgarrett67 posted:
I have battled raynoulds disease most of my life, had back surgery because of degenaration and couldnt deal with the daily struggles of pain controlling my life....About 9 months ago my GP said he thought I may have lupus did blood work and it came back positive for antigental lupus anf pulmonary thombosis but yet i was told its not lupus???? so continued going to the Dr Gp and RM for the flare ups as i call them, pain like ive been beat with a base ball bat and just tired all the time, these flares woild last for a week to a month and go away just like they came after wards I didnt feel good but better, so finally I became irritated with not getting anywhere and decided to call my DR out, ha said i never said you didnt have lupus were just not sure so he started me on plaquenil and a calcuim blocker...the last few days ive hurt as bad if not worse than before I had back surgery...
I take vicodin but no help and antiimflammatorys kill my stomach, I dont and cant live with this pain any long if anyone know does it take for plaquenil to help...????
lupylisa44 responded:
Plaquenil can take several months to start working.

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
mgarrett67 replied to lupylisa44's response:
I was told that, but this is the worse flare ive every had....and feel like ive been hit by a truck...My biggest issue is because it came back positive for antigulant lupus and pulmonary thombosis but not sle lupus there hesitant to treat it like such, i know plaquenil is a treatment for it and i was just put on steriods for imflamation but these are also used for RA...I dont want lupus but I do need a reason for this pain, I didnt have the scariest surgery of my life (level 3 fusion) to live in pain all over again...I just feel if taken more serious then ide have a medical plan in place and treatment options...Im a firm believer in being proactive whan it comes to health issues.. I hate feeling hopeless....