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Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
lisatru62 posted:
I've always had an irregular period all my life and have gone through bouts of heavy bleeding. For the past year my period has been super heavy lasting 12 to 14 days with cramps. I'm on birth control pills which use to help the heavy bleeding but not so much anymore.

I start bleeding the last week of my pills and then it gets really heavy with a lot of pain for the next week. I don't know what to do and was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem.

I'm done having kids but not looking forward to having my uterus removed in order to solve the problem. Just the thought of another surgery and recovery has me depressed. Suggestion?

sweetiemb responded:
was diagnosed with lupus a # of yrs ago and i 2 have been experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding since i got my tubes tied.. My doctor also just put me on birth control and am yet to c if it is affective..Am looking for a solution for the heavy and painful menstrual times.. good luck to u i pray for a quick yet affective solution
combsme responded:

Had this problem about 8 years ago, after a year or so of testing and treatment, my GYN recommended an endometrial ablation or hysterectomy. Decided on the ablation, and it resolved the bleeding issues and most of the pain. I barely have a period anymore. Most women do not have periods after an ablation, but Lupus patients do not tend to fit the norm , which we all know too well. The ablation is when the DR basically cauterized the lining of the uterus. It is done under general anesthesia, but has a very quick recovery without very many bad side effects. The down side was that I had to take some sort of shot beforehand that put me into menopause (at ~30ys old) for 3 months to prep the uterus. However, I did not have all the negative side effects of a hysterectomy, like incontinence"026 I recently read a statistic with a crazy number of women who have incontinence after hysterectomy, like 60-80%!!!
My understanding is that bleeding/period problems are very common with fibromyalgia and Lupus.

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