lisatru62 posted:
So now I have vertigo. That is what the doctor says. It seems that every week it's something new and horrible. I was suppose to go on vacation this week but now it appears to be a no go since I have trouble sitting up let alone walking.

Has anyone else had vertigo with lupus? I would love to hear your experiences and solutions, if there is one.

mtoly2200 responded:
I have also been treated for vertigo. Didn't share it with my rhemotoligsit, was diagnosed from my primary doctor (outside of the VA). So not sure if it is Lupus related. Now that I read your comment I will ask my rhuematologist about it. I know I have been fighting a flare since August 2011 and i am still dealing with the flare. Good luck I will try to let you know what I find out.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Oh no Lisatru62!!

These two discussions may be helpful -

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Hopefully you were able to talk with your doctor and can reschedule your vacation.

Keep us posted,