lupus diagnoses
ddherrs posted:
Dear friend,
I was diagnosed about 1986. I was 38. I had a spot on my jaw that I was treating as ringworm or imfintego (not sure on the spelling) but it was not working. I was working as a doctors assistant and he asked me why I was wearing a bandage on my face. I explained and he took me back in the lab and drew a couple blood samples. He said if it's what I think it is the results will be positive. And it was. He gave me a script for a round of Predisone and told me that I should limit my direct exposure to sunlight from then on, and explained that Lupus was a form of arthritis-but very little was known about it.
I have to admit, as a farmers wife--I was not a very responsible patient. I have not had any skin episodes since --until the past 2 years. I get a number of thick irregular patchesthat will crack and bleed and don't heal very well on my hands. I've been using a .05 strength steroid ointment on these patches. It does help to keep them from cracking open, but they do not go away. They may deminish and then I get another spot somewhere else.
I've been very lucky. At 64 today I can say I do not have any other signs. The pain I have in my knees is probably from carrying 2-5 gallon buckets and loading 70# bales most of my younger life. I worked in the medical field for 13 years, and then owned an upholstry shop for 24 yrs. Being on my feet a lot and lifting heavy furniture has done me a world of good. I'm in better shape physically then most of my friends. I have truly been blessed or lucky or both.
My lupus must be very mild, and I'm really thankful.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hello and Welcome ddherrs -

Thank you for sharing your story, much can be said for hard work making you strong - in more ways than one.

Have you had any other follow-up testing or symptoms through the years?

ddherrs replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thanks for the responce. No. I've never had another episode or related problem, and have not had any health insurance until recently. Any testing I would and will still have to pay for myself. Since my maternal grandmother died of breast cancer and both my younger sisters have had it, I reserve the little my insurance will cover for memmograms yearly.
Lupus is third on my list of health worries. Being asthmatic is # 2 and I really have a good natural control on it. No steroids or antihistimines used for over 21 months. I am truly blessed.