Lupus Remission!
shannielee74 posted:
I haven't been on here for a while. Life has been busy. About a month ago I started aching and having issues sleeping again. I decided it was my lupus flaring and perhaps my meds not working as well. I waited to see my rheumy this past tuesday. It came with good news/bad news. My lupus is still in remission and has been for nearly 6 months. The bad news is I have developed fibromyalgia. So it's a new round of medicine. Not sure how it's going to work out. So far I have gotten a couple nights of great sleep and a couple others of ok sleep.

I'm wondering, does anyone else have fibromyalgia along with lupus and how do you distinguish between the two when you have symptoms show up?
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lisatru62 responded:
I have a friend who the doctors thought had lupus. But after further testing said no. They believe she has fibromyalgia and have put her on the appropriate meds and she is doing much better. Feels great and isn't having the pain she once had. It bears looking into.