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Confused: MS versus Lupus...PLEASE REPLY
Jivon2 posted:
Hello. I will summarize my situastion quickly.

In 2007 I was diagnosed with MS due to brain lesions, weak and painful limbs, and cognitive disabilities. Spinal taps were both normal. I Took Rebif for less than a year, and now I am med free.

Recently the pain returned in both legs. This time, however, the pain is focused more on my knees. This pain will not let me sleep comfortably at night, because it is difficult to change my sleeping position or get out of the bed to use the bathroom. Now the pain is causing an achy feeling in both thighs. I visited the ER last night to request x-rays to see what's going on. Instead, they ran blood tests and gave me pain meds and steriods via IV. The treatment helped only a little bit. My body rarely responds to meds.

The blood test results:
The nurse said that my sed rate was slightly high, but not to worry. After conducting research, I found that my rate of "13" is normal for women.
Glucose - slightly high (110)
Hgb, Hct, BUN, AGAP - all slightly low.

Symptoms as adolescent
puffiness in palms
canker sores in mouth

Symptoms as young adult:
migraines, migraines, migraines
canker sores in mouth
skin lesion behind left ear

Symptoms at 30 +:
*black penny-sized spots all over both arms and shoulders. Dermatologist suspected Lupus, but tests were normal. This left a diagnosis of allergic reaction, which took the spots almost a year to dissolve.
*skin lesion behind left ear remains from youth. Negative skin cancer biopsy
*hair loss
*Interstitial cystitis. painful bladder and frequent visits to bathroom at night ( 6 - 7 times per night). This flare occurs 3 times a year, and lasts for at least two weeks each time.
*Brain lesions
*canker sores in mouth
*spinal taps normal
*painful legs
*weak arms
*cognitive disabilities progressing

By the way, I am an African- American woman, which might explain why the spots on my arms were black instead of red
lisatru62 responded:
It maybe lupus but very hard to tell without test results that come back and tell you. Did they do an ANA blood test? This may not point directly to lupus but can point to a general autoimmune disease. Since they suspect MS it should come back positive I would think.

You have to be persistent is getting a diagnosis. I had a skin lesion that was biopsied and was diagnosed with discoid lupus. Further testing showed my kidneys were not doing good so I had a kidney biopsy. This showed lupus nerphitis, so now I have to watch my kidney function. Also many trips when they flare up to the bathroom during the night.

Pain will come and go and if you are not on any meds for autoimmune disease you can experience flares.

Good luck.

Jivon2 replied to lisatru62's response:
Thanks Lisatru62. I did not have an ANA blood test at the ER. I plan to follow-up with a rheumy next week. Thanks again.
NanaJudy6 replied to Jivon2's response:
Hey Jivon, I think I jsut replied to you on the MS forum. I am Judy the person who was diagnosed with lupus after being watched for MS for 2 years.

My rheumy who diagnosed me with lupus asked me two times if I ever had mouth sores/lesions and I havent. but that seemed to be of much interest to him. I also have been diagnosed with interstital cystitis, have had minimal hair loss, headaches, normal spinal tap, painful legs, cognitive issues.

glad you are going to see a rheumatologist. Good luck and God Bless.


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