New name --- same old me!
lupycakes posted:
For some dang reason, I could not log in to post! Webmd would tell me to log in, I would fill out the info and then it would say "loading, please wait" ...and I would wait and wait.... It would never load! Grr!!!! After several different days of trying, I gave up and created a new account. My new name is "lupycakes" instead of "lisaisweavebee ". I wanted "cake lady " as k2 always calls me but someone else beat me to the name.

Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Lisa -

Oh no - Sorry this happened! I don't remember any reported problems, but sometimes my computer gets "hung up" and I get the green circle of doom and have to reboot.

If this does happen again, please write into and we can check to see what's going on.

Again, sorry this happened. I do like your new name though!

ida507 responded:
I had the same problem. i realize if you manuely put your whole email in the corret box even though it shows it then it will go through. at least it has for me when trying