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Balancing Parenting and Lupus
navy8wifey posted:
So me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for almost 4 years now. And after 1 miscarriage and 1 still born, we had decided to just wait. During those 4 years was when I got the diagnosis of Lupus. Well now, we have a wonderful oportunity to adopt this beautiful little boy. He is 12 weeks old and just perfect in every way. But I also recently just had my first flair up which appears to still be continuing. There are days that just trying to get out of bed is so painful that I can't help but scream. I am worried about being able to balance being a mother and lupus. I know that my husband will be there to help, but I want to be able to experience all the joys of being a mom, not just a few. So I guess my question is what do people recommend as far as being able to deal with the pains of lupus while raising a child? How has others coped with this? Any and all advice would be so helpful!! Thanks so much!
SafariMom responded:
Hi there,

So sorry to hear about your troubles, but I am excited for you about your opportunity.

I don't have a Lupus diagnosis yet, but all the symptoms. I feel like I am in a flare up now. We have 4 kids, ages 6,5,3, and 1. Since I have stared getting sick, about 2 months ago, I have learned to pace myself. Schedule in a nap, make better use of my time- play with the kids when I am feeling good instead of Facebook.

From what I keep reading about Lupus is that you are suppose to keep working with your doctor until you get the flare under control.

I am probably not much help, but wanted to let you know that you can be a Great mom and have Lupus.

Good luck,
nicci3424 responded:
I am the mother of 3 boys ages 10,9 and 4, and was diagnosed with Lupus in May of this year. I Have learned to do things a little differently than I did, and one thing I will stress above all else, is that you HAVE to learn to pace yourself, you have to learn what your limitations are. Take naps, play quietly with your baby. There are days where I can't go run and play with the boys because I am in so much pain and so tired.. so we snuggle and watch movies, do crafts and things like that.Best wishes to you. With or without Lupus, you can't still be an awesome Mom!

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