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Vestibular Schwannoma
lisatru62 posted:
Went in for an MRI last week and got back a report as follows:

Left IAC small (6x3x3) lesion, superior aspect. Differential includes vestibular schwannoma or facial nerve Schwannoma.

This all started with a bout of vertigo, which seems popular this time of year, allergies? The vertigo knocked me on my butt for several days and I am now functional. Still somewhat dizzy, having trouble with walking on uneven surfaces and when I move my head too quickly.

Did some research on vestibular schwannoma and found out it is a benign growth on a nerve inside my inner auditory canal that is responsible for balance. Also read that conservative treatment consists of an annual MRI and removal is not mandatory unless it grows or causes hearing problems, etc.

Not considering surgery at this time since my doctors seem a little inept. Took years to diagnose lupus and they caused internal bleeding when they did a simple kidney biopsy. Still recovering from that fiasco.

Any suggestions or others who have this same condition? I would love to hear others experiences or if anyone has had a vestibular schwannoma removed. If so, what was it like, the procedure and your recovery.

Any information will be helpful.

Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Lisatru62 -

A friend of mine has this and has opted not to have surgery. After many second and third opinions at major medical centers decided to take the conservative route, have yearly MRI's and treat symptoms as needed.

Her hearing has been affected she wears a hearing aid, but it continues to decline. She sometimes has head tics/tremors and bell's palsy type facial symptoms along with vertigo.

She has had bad months and will then go for many months without symptoms.

Our sister site, Medscape, has this info on Acoustic Neuromas/Vestibular Schwannoma .

Hope this is helpful,

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