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Looking for some thoughts
tmstew28 posted:
I have been feeling pretty miserable for a few years. I had gone to the doctor in2008 and they ran some blood work. I was negative for Lyme, but a positive ANA. It was low, 1:80 speckled. The doctor, I believe it was a rheumatologist, was not concerned, they diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. I wasn't really satisfied with that. To me, it just seemed as if they were just trying to give me some explanation or label for what I was feeling.

I was determined to feel better. And I have on and off, but lately I am not. It comes and goes. For periods I am fine, and periods I suffer.

So, since 2008 I have lost over 60 pounds. I eat well. I exercise regularly. I take a multi-vitamin, B supplement, fish oils, and Green Vibrance's green foods supplement.

I have joint pain and stiffness in my elbows, hands, knees and ankles, terrible headaches, fatigue, tremors when I wake up, night sweats, moments of confusion, memory problems, mild depression. I am especially prone to feeling extremely wiped out and sick after I've been out on a hot day. I also have a tendency to break out in an itchy rash primarily on my arms, but sometimes on my chest as well, if they've been exposed to the sun on a hot day. These are all intermittent, and I don't not always feel all of the symptoms at the some time. Again, I have periods that I feel wonderful. Then periods like lately that I feel miserable. I run, take martial arts, and do other exercise usually 5 to six days a week....when I'm feeling well. Lately, during this recent episode, not so often.

During this last episode I called the doctor because I was concerned. This is the worst I've felt in quite a while. The doctor tested for Lyme, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. The nurse, over the phone, told me the Lyme was negative. Although she said the ANA was positive. She did not give me the titer though.

He sent me for further blood work. I'll have the results at the end of this month. It's such a long time to wait. I've been stressing about it. I know regardless knowing now or later isn't going to make much of a difference. But I thought I'd come here and see what people thought or if anyone had any words of encouragement. I know a positive ANA alone is not a cause for alarm, but it is my second and I'm still having similar symptoms after all these years. I've been worrying so much. I've thought that this sounds like lupus or maybe even MS. What do you think? I know you're not doctors, but what would you think if it were you? Have you experienced these symptoms? What would you do?

Thanks for listening and for your time.
lisatru62 responded:
Without an accurate diagnosis it is hard to say if you have lupus. It's a hard disease to pin down since it mimics so many other things. You just have to be persistent and keep after those doctors. If you have a rash try and see a dermatologist.

It took several years to get my diagnosis but I never gave up. Your symptoms sound like it could be lupus or at least autoimmune related.


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