Help me with my diagnosis????
HideandSeek13 posted:
I'm 17 and have been experiencing joint pain that comes and goes. I also have been experiencing morning stiffness and both ankles swelled one day after walking. I also believe that I suffered from an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite which has never happened before. I broke out on my arms and legs. I also broke out on the side of my face about a week later. I also suffer from extreme fatigue especially after being in the sun. My ANA test came back positive. I had a 22 ESR and a low neutrophil count and high esophil and lymphocyte count. However my C3 and C4 were in the normal ranges. What could this be?
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi HideandSeek13 and Welcome -

We are so sorry to hear you have been experiencing these symptoms. Click here for a link to another discussion that talks about diagnosing lupus.

Does any of this sound familiar? When do you follow up with your doctor?

Please keep us posted,