Is Lupus race related?
terezin posted:
I read with interest the latest news letter which had some interesting remarks about Afro-americans and Non-Afro Americans.In that connection I have some questions: I am Jewish ,my family orginate from Central Europe (Czechoslovakia) It has been proved that from the martial line(Askenasi) ,one carries a specific,genetic pattern which clearly shows in the DNA.There are also some genetic illnesses only to be found among us.The same goes for Sefardic Jews: carriers of a special blood disorder ,again only to be found among Sefardic Jews.
So now I wonder,if a similar research is done concerning Lupus?
My second question is:Any research done with stem cell treatment of Lupus? In Israel,stemcells are collected from the birth cord just after the baby is born.
lupylisa44 responded:
lupus is more common in african american, latino and asian people but it is also common in people with Northern european heritage.

They are doing stem cell transplants for people with severe lupus who have exhausted all other options. Northwestern University in Chicago and Johns Hopkins pioneered the stem cell trransplant program for lupus patients.

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