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Sick Again
lisatru62 posted:
Many of us Lupus sufferers seem to get sick more frequently than others. Due to a recent death in the family and an up coming wedding I am traveling a lot more. This has exposed me to more nasty germs. Now I am sick with a cold or flu. Not sure since the fever comes and goes but I also get a Lupus fever that comes and goes.

I've tried to explain to family members to keep their germs to themselves and don't share but sometimes that doesn't always work. You find out after they give you a hug or hand shake, egads!

Has anyone found a way to tell people that their germs are not made of gold and you don't want some? Also how do we protect ourselves from all the hidden germs in hotel rooms, restaurants and public bathrooms?

I am home now and sometimes I don't want to leave. I'm beginning to act like Howard Hughes towards the end of his life. Without the Kleenes boxes for shoes and rubber gloves.


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lupylisa44 responded:
Personally, I think hand shaking should be banned!I have decided not to shake hands anymore. It can make for an awkward moment, but most people understand. When they offer their hand, I just politely tell them that I don't shake hands because I am immunosuppressed. I used to work for a japanese company, and I loved that they bowed instead of shaking hands! But if you do shake handes, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly. (singing happy birthday all the way through while washing your hands is a good way to make sure you washed long enough)

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
terezin responded:
I have the same problem:seemingly picking up any germ /virus possible.with a smile,I just refuse handshaking.Most people are nice and understading
terezin replied to lupylisa44's response:
Here in Israel, Jewish and Arab women usually don't shake hands or hug except within the close family.Again,no explanation needed.Hand washing is also a very important part of observance in Judaism as it is for the Muslims as well.
lisatru62 replied to terezin's response:
It seems that I just need to change my attitude and not consider my self rude but others for putting me in this germ infested situation. I was only diagnosed a year ago so I'm still a little uncomfortable with telling everyone I meet why I don't want to shake their hand. When I'm with my husband it's easier because I've perfected the art of hanging back.

I should have bought stock in a hand sanitizer company!


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