NanaJudy6 posted:
I have recently been diagnosed with SLE which is affecting my brain and CNS along with many other symptoms. I am very tired, nauseated, light headed, have ringing in my ears, and have noticed lately am having a lot of hot flashes (or at least that is what I call them) I get a hot feeling all over expecially in my face, face turns red, sometimes start feeling bad all over.

I am so tired.. I have started Plaquenil, 400mg a day about 6 weeks ago and cannot honestly say I have noticed any difference. The heat just kills me and drains me. My head hurts alot and I have cracking popping sounds in my neck and head. Feel weak at times with nausea, lightheadness and just have to go lay down until it passes..feel shakey at times.

Does all this sound normal for lupus..just wanted other I expecting too much that the Plaquenil will make me go into remission. I have felt so bad for so long, I think I have forgotten what it is like to feel good. I am a very positive and spiritual person but I have had so many bad days it is hard sometimes to always be positive.

Just wondering..tried to do some research but don't want to read everything out there...just too much information.