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AmyMig2004 posted:
HI everyone, I am a 28 yr old mother of two rambunctious boys. I was recently diagnosed with lupus and RA. For the last 10 yrs I have struggled with chronic pain,fatigue, kidney problems, seizures an what I thought was depression. I now know what my problem has been. But been to so many drs and no one knew what the problem was. They kept diagnosing me with depression. Chronic fatigue syndrome. Everyone had a name. No one ever really done enough blood work. I go this week to see a kidney dr because I have bilateral thinning of the cortex on my right kidney. I have so many bad days. I don't wanna get out of bed. I work a 40hr work week as a freight manager then come home to my boys every night..I am really worried how I am going to function. I go see a rheumatologist soon. Til then my dr is treating me with cymbalta. Which isn't working. I know this isn't a board to complain on and i apologize. I just don't know what else to do. I did find your tips useful. I am definetly going to start keeping a diary.
lupylisa44 responded:
Hi AmyMig and Welcome!

It sounds like you have a lot going on! I am sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time! But you've come to the right place for information, support and other people who totally understand what you are going through! This board IS a great place to vent, complain or whatever you want to talk about! So definitely feel free to complain away! We all do it, but the good thing is there is always someone who gets it and will support you!

Educating yourself is probably THE single most important thing you can do! I suggest you read The Lupus Book by Daniel Wallace, MD. There is also a ton of very good information in the Helpful Tips and Helpful Resources sections of this board (on the middle right hand side of the page) I suggest you check it out, you may get the answers you are looking for there. If you cannot find the information you need there, feel free to ask!

Your idea about keeping a diary is an excellent one! Some important things to include, in addition to the symptoms you are experiencing are:

your temperature,
the weather,
your diet.

You may find some patterns emerge to help you better control your symptoms.

When you go to your Rheumy appt., you should make a list of everything you want to know or ask the doctor. That way you will be sure to get everything answered. Some doctors like to rush through the appoinments. Make sure the doctor gives you the time and attention you deserve! Afterall, you are paying for that time! I cannot emphasize how important it is to be your own advocate when it comes to your health care!!!

I hope this helps!

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
jujubeee714 responded:

Your not alone. You will surely start to feel better now that they know what you have and how to treat you! Please if you want come to my friends support group at

I'll give Tala the owner a heads up. I hope you'll join and you can ask all the questions you want and whine all you need. We all "GET" you, I promise.

I"m Julie, nice to meet you. You can pm me anytime at

It'll get better, I promise. Gentle HUGS, Julie
anowlin responded:
Cymbalta is good for depression; how long have you been on it? I'd give it at least six weeks. Anti-depressants take a long time to work.

That said, if you've given Cymbalta a good chance, there are other antidepressants and teyre are a lot of the, The one that has helped me is Celexa. but your doc knows you best.

Not much blood work can be done for things like CFS or fibromyalgia. This IS a board to complain on; lupus throws such a wrench into your life, so complain all you want. It's good for the soul@

'i don't know what else to do?" Well, starting to keep a diary is a good start, Keep track of what you at, and how you may feel. You may see a correlation between how you feel and food. But, lupus is a REAL disease. Just because you can't see it, makes it hard to win 'A BIT' of sympathy. I don't want sympathy from my family, but I'd at least like them to AREL
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Amy -

I have been out of town the last couple weeks and just wanted to stop in and welcome you to the community - a place for support, to complain, to yell and scream if you want or need to or to just talk about your day or you two boys!

Keep us posted about what you find out after seeing the rheumatologist.


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