soooo very tired
hippichic65 posted:
I feel as if I can deal with the pain, but the fatigue is what is literally killing me. No one seems to do anything but to tell me with a sigh that it is "just the disease." When I am having what I suppose is a "flair", which now is at least on a weekly if not a daily basis, I sleep for upwards of 18 hours per day! Does anyone else experience this type of sleep? Has anyone been prescribed anything to combat this horrible symptom? I am on Disability now so I do not have to worry about performing at my job anymore or frankly showing up to a job every day and on time, which was impossible, but I do have two young children, husband, a home, dogs, cats, birds, and a tree frog that requires my attention. I am so tired of sleeping through my life and their lives! Just for fun I would like to clean my house and cook meals on a regular basis. Just cooking a meal wears me out not to mention doing anything like a simple vacuuming or mopping of floors. I apologize for whining, but emotionally I feel I am at the end of my rope. I feel like an alien living among normal regular humans, and I do not fit in any more. The desire to live is so strong, but it is as if my body is completely rebelling the very concept. How does anyone cope with this? I am open to any and all feedback. This disease is stripping me of all that matters to me, and I am not dealing with it very well at all these days.