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Is it Lupus or SJogren's Disease or none?
Frustratedgal posted:
So I'm new to this whole discussion thing so bear with me....Recently I was speaking with one of my doctors and mentioned I had a bunch of weird symptoms... He mentioned that I get tested for Sjogren's.One of the reasons he said that was because in May I developed a cold induced allergy. When I carry anything cold or something cold touches my skin... hives form... to the point I have an EPI PEN

Well I've been having a LOT of panic attacks lately but because I've been under stress I didn't think much of it. I did do some research and have a lot of the characteristics of Lupus but my mom said that wasn't it because I didn't have the butterfly rash..although I was told you don't have to... I tried to see a rheumatologist since my insurance doesn't require approval... but that is like an act of Congress to get in... So please tell me what you guys think.... I've since had a lof of blood tests and I'm waiting on the answers... although the PCP kinda laughed at me when I told him what I wanted to be tested for...

Here's what I have: Intermittent kidney pain, pain/cramping in my hands after writing for just a minute or two, my arms sometimes feel really weak when I carry things.. as if I will drop them... Cold utarcia (cold things touch me get hives), Diagnosed with dry eyes, headaches all the time, frequent urination, kidney stones, after any type of physical activity I have to sit down and then shake really bad... get the chills then cold sweat and it takes a while to stop... times when I have extreme thirst, heartburn, chronic sinusitis, can't fall asleep without meds, extremely tired.. but if I take naps I sleep too long and can't wake up, diagnosed b12 defeciency, had abnormal liver tests in the past, lightheaded a lot, stumbling over my words when I try to talk, lots of memory issues, small fingertip size bruises all over my body, mout ulcers, I had an ear problem called bullousa myringitis(never had an ear prob ever), and I've lost 45 pounds since last summer. I've noticed that my body feels like it shakes a lot but I thought that was anxiety.. also I get these muscle spasms in one of my arms.

So please if you have any advice I"d love to hear or suggestions on anything else it might possibly be...
lupycakes responded:
Hi and welcome!

Sounds like you have a lot of things going on. Lupus effects people in different ways (one reason it can be difficult to Dx) but several of your symptoms don't sound like the classic lupus symptoms. Some common lupus symptoms that most of us have are widespread joint pain/stiffness, sun sensitive, butterfly rash, fatigue and certain abnormal labs.

When do you see your doctor again for lab results? What labs were run?

Try to hang in there - I know it can be hard - till you get some answers.


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