dozzi posted:
I have had about 6 benlysta treatments will it help the pain i have from pluresy, is it worth having this done.
Patientofmanydiagnosis responded:
I've been on Benlysta for a year. I've notice it does help with my chronic pain in my leg due to AVM's vascular malformation and due to the extra unneeded veins growing they seem to press up against nerves causing chronic pain but I think it's also due to inflammation from autoimmune system that likes to over produce. In my case it reduces the pain sometimes for part of the month but never takes away my pain completely and or the whole time. The closer I'm due for my next treatment it seems I can tell the difference of inflammation coming back and pain increase and or having to pop more pain pills. Now my pain levels are well over 10 normally and without pain meds. With pain meds my levels would still be between 5-8 and now I get times of maybe even being down to 2. Another example of temparary improvements. I was bed ridden with pain and variuos symptoms a year and a half ago and or dependent on wheelchair/electric scooter where as I may walk short distances with my cane sometimes now. Hope this helps!