Non Specific Auto Immune Disease
SafariMom posted:
Has anyone started out with the diagnosis of a Non-Specific Auto Immune Disease and then later be diagnosed with Lupus?

If so, how long after your original diagnosis?

Thanks for any replies.

MaryConcordNC responded:
Yes, I believe this is fairly common. I was diagnosed with reactive arthritis initially in February 2009 by my rheumatologist, and he told me he thought it would settle into either Lupus or RA. In October 2010 we agreed all the signs pointed to Lupus, based on the specific results of the antinuclear DNA and many other items including severe allergic rash after being in the sun, daily temperature in the evening, a variety of symptoms which were related to the auto-immune condition, and a faint butterfly on my face. I have never had a strong butterfly rash, but have had what looked like rosacea for years, on either side of my nose. By Summer 2010 the rash was more "complete" in the shape of a butterfly, interestingly. I do not believe there is any timeframe for this to happen, as I've known people diagnosed with Lupus who had no major symptoms for many years.