symptoms prior to diagnosis
An_248106 posted:
My twenty six year old daughter was recently diagnosed with lupus,but h has had several of the related symptoms for at least two years prior . everyday a new one occurs.Just yesterday , while at work ,her co-workers noticed she was having trouble forming words,then realized she was on the verge of passing out. After her episode , the all too familiar chest pains she has been dealing with for two years set in.Im concerned she may have damage to her heart .Is this a good possibility?
MaryConcordNC responded:
Lupus can indeed affect the heart, though it is not as common, I believe as other issues. Lupus can affect any organ in the body. She needs to talk with her primary care physician or rheumatologist and discuss the need to see a cardiologist. I talked to my PCP last year and he thought a referral was in order. I wore a heart monitor for 3 weeks, and went through some tests, and the peace of mind is wonderful after finding out the problems are not serious. So your daughter might get good news, but she needs to find out quickly. She is very fotunate to have such a caring mother who is there to listen and support her.