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Important lupus questions!
ambadora posted:
I have an important question to ask. Is it dangerous for me to take 30 mg of morphine and dilated every day, twice a day? I keep hearing that these pills will eventually kill me, but others say it won't cuz I need em as much pain as I have. Can someone please answer my questions?
lupylisa44 responded:
Hi Ambadora

Dilaudid and Morphine are very powerful pain medicines. If you are taking these medications under a doctor's supervision and you are getting both meds from the same doctor,and you take them as prescribed, you should be okay. There is, however, a high potential to become physically dependent or addicted to these drugs. The longer you are on them, the harder it will be to get off of them. You will have to taper down the dosage gradually to avoid the bad withdrawl effects of these drugs.

Is the morphine you are taking MS-contin? If so, it is a time-released drug and as long as you take them whole (not split or crushed) they maintain a steady level of morphine in your system. Is the dilaudid used for breakthrough pain when the morphine isn't enough? If so, you may consider trying something a little less potent like vicodin for it.

It's important to know that If either of your pain meds contain Acetominophen (tylenol), you have to be very careful and take only as prescribed. Acetominophen can cause liver failure if taken in higher doses. Anything over 3000 mg-4000 mg of acetominophen in a 24 hour period can be deadly!!!

You may want to consult a pain management doctor to see if there are options other than narcotics for treating your pain. The pain management field has really advanced in the past few years and there are several new therapies available that can really help control your pain.

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
lisatru62 responded:
Lupylisa is right in that these are powerful pain medication, but at 30mg you are taking a large dose. You might want to discuss with your doctor the amount of the prescription. You can divide the pills to get a smaller dose as Dilaudid is usually in a form that can be divided.

Since you are taking opiates you can become dependant on them for the pain. I was concerned as I'm taking the same medications for my pain although only 2mg of Dilaudid and 5/325mg of Percocet as needed. Percocet is Oxycodone and Acetominophen. Usually the Percocet once a day in the afternoon with the occassional half dose in the morning.

I was told by my doctors that those who take the medication for pain in amounts that help with the pain will not have adverse reactions. If you take these medications over a long period of time you may build up a tolerance and require larger doses. Which is why you want to start off with small doses. You will become dependant on the medication and will need it not only for the pain but because your body will feel bad if you abruptly stop taking it. Although we all feel bad all the time. I couldn't tell you what the difference is as I only feel massive pain if I don't take it for a day or miss a dose. No headache, nausea or other addictive symptoms.

I was told that an addict is different, they take the medication to achieve a feeling of "high." They are chasing a sensation rather than relieving pain. If your doses seems large and you are feeling woozy or high after taking the medication talk to your doctor about lowering it. Experiment to see how little you can take and still have pain relieving benefits.

Good luck with your medications. I've been using these drugs in small amounts for a couple of years and have no ill effects. Not a drug addict or experiencing any side effects. It is great pain relief and we all know that pain can keep you from living life.


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