dozzi posted:
I'm not hurting from joint pain for quite some time, but the pain everytime by chest expand I have pain been 2 years now don't see it going away think it is my way of life now
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi dozzi -

I am so sorry, I know you have been dealing with this for quite some time. Did the benlysta relieve any of the chest pain?

Shouting out to our other members to see if anyone experiences this and has suggestions for minimizing pain.

lupycakes responded:
Hey Dozzi,

Sorry you are in so much pain! Is it pain on breathing or do you have a lot of coughing with it ? -- if so, you really need to see a physician to rule out pneumonia or pleurisy and to be treated if it is.

If it's just pain in the ribs and not associated with coughing and so on, you could have costachondritis - which is a inflammation of the of the cartilage around the ribs...

Either way, it just plain sucks and I hope you get some relief soon. I've had both in the past and they are no fun!!

Gentle hugs,

dozzi replied to lupycakes's response:
Hi when ever my chest expand for any reason it hurts its always there Thank you for asking
dozzi replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
No not yet still getting the treatment though
dozzi replied to lupycakes's response:
Doctor said pluresy I'll ask the doctor about the other see her soon in november