Uveitis, Do any of you have experience with this?
shell04937 posted:
I have Sjogrens and used to post here but have not in a while. My question for you that have Sjogrenes as well as lupus or even just lupus is, have you had or do you know someone with uveitis> I was just diagnosed on Thursday and tomorrow I see a new rheumatologist so will find out about Uveitis and how it will impact my life with an autoimmune disorder.
I currently dont have a rheumatologist I trust or have comfortable relationship with so I am nervous about this new diagnosis.
Any suggestions?
lisatru62 responded:
I have SLE and Sjogrens and I've heard that they are common together. I think that anyone who has an autoimmune disease usually finds over time that they are more open to developing other related autoimmune conditions. Since Uveitis is an inflammation of the eye, it seems autoimmune.

All autoimmune diseases have some sort of imflammation going on, I just think the location is what is specific about the disease. I do know that you need to see someone and that there is probably medication to reduce the inflammation. Good luck and keep searching for that rheumatologist who will work with you.