lupus and adhd medications
suemaz posted:
Newly diagnosed (lupus) close relative is still using ADHD meds at 25. Evidently it helps them to stay awake. Sleep 2 two days awake awake for 2 days. Their sleeping habits are all out of wack. I'm wondering if by now relative should be off the ADHD med by now (age) and if the med is causing more harm than good. Relative is not willing to go off ADHD med because it helps them stay awake. .
lupycakes responded:
I have no idea but it doesn't sound healthy. I think that is something the patient needs to discuss with their doctor who is Rx the medication.

lupylisa44 responded:
Many people who have ADHD continue to have it into adulthood, it is not uncommon for adults to be on these meds. It sounds as if your relative may be using the ADHD meds for purposes other than what they are prescribed for which is probably not very good for them. There's not much you can do other than suggest he/she talk to their doctor about it.

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