Help with test results
samf09 posted:
My symptoms have been horrible horrible fatigue, swollen hands, ulcers in mouth.

I have had multiple +ANA results, though right now it is negative. I have tested positive for lupus anticoagulants, but I have also tested negative. As of now, my Rheumy has me as "undifferentiated connective tissue disorder" but she has been leaning towards lupus.

My latest test results show a positive CCP Antibody, but negative RF, which from research shows I may be developing RA.

I guess my question is, to me its weird how my test results seem to go from positive to negative to positive again... can this be normal with autoimmune disorders?

And with the positive CCP does it seem more likely that I have RA instead of lupus, or maybe both?
An_248623 responded:
I was positive on ANA test, swelling joints and on hands, fatigue, rash on arms, neck, belly and legs, it gets worse when I am expose to the sun, no butterfly rash. My doctor said that I have RA but blood work are neg. Sometimes I am confused, my RA doc does not know if its Lupus. I am frustrated now.