Nail Bed Pain
spudnut posted:
I've had SLE all my life and recently developed nail bed pain in great toe on one foot. Today there is bloody seepage from under the nail and toe is red, slightly swollen and quite painful. I do have nail fungus on two other toes on same foot and wonder if this could also be nail fungus or something related to lupus. (I have body rash at present time and take methotrexate weekly--just completed prednisolone pack) Anyone had anything similar?
SafariMom responded:
I sometimes get finger nail bed pains. It gets red and swollen sometimes with a clear/bloody seepage. Sometimes 3 fingers at once. But since this is new for you and you have had lupus a long time now, I would think that this maybe something else related. Guessing a possible infection since you just got off of prednisolone. I notices this was posted 4 days ago, if its not better by now I would go to the Dr.

Hope you are doing better !