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karenspets posted:
I have (Phantom),itching on my left arm and all over my scalp, no rash or dandruff. It's like a PHANTOM THING GOING ON!! Does anyone else have this? I have SLE Lupus
SafariMom responded:
My skin does funny things with indoor light and sun exposure, make sure you are wearing your sunscreen, even indoors. Also, even if I don't have dandruff, the selsun blue seems to help my scalp when it itches.

I read a post on here a while back with another woman with severe itching, hers seemed more of a nerve problem, so that might be a possibility.

Hope you are having an itch free day !

karenspets replied to SafariMom's response:
Thanks Bonnie, I didnt think about wearing the sunscreen indoors, but I'll try it, this itch is not something I need along with everything else. I hope have a Great weekend.
ssh49tn responded:
Well, I have the itching too, but mine isn't 'phantom' since I have a rash, & it's different than the lupus outbreak. I've been on about 4 rounds of steroids, & while that keeps the itching gone, it isn't getting rid of the rash, & as soon as the steroids wear off, the itching is right back like it was. And, I haven't found ANYTHING that stops the itch. My internist thought I was allergic to Plavix, but I've been off of it for about 2 weeks now, & just finished a round of steroids, & the itching has started up again.
love2lol2 responded:
I've had Discoid Lupus for over 30 years now. I too have itching both Phantom and like ssh49tn's. I have hives and the Dr.s have changed my meds thinking it's a side effect but nothing has worked. My right arm and hands get it most of the time but it isn't picky about where it goes. My scalp itches a lot but I'm currently going through a flare so my bald spot is bigger and hair is falling out, along with the Lupus Rash ugh! The phantom itches are popping in and out quite frequently, especially when I don't take the allergy meds every day. it's not uncommon at all from what I've read. Selsun Blue and allergy meds are my best suggestion also.

Hugs and Spoons,
ssh49tn replied to love2lol2's response:
I'm using the Selsun Blue, & take benedryl for the itch. Unfortunately, that makes me sleepy, so I am totally worthless. My scalp, plus the back of my neck, are the two worst places for itching. All we can do, is, keep trying to see if we find something that helps the itch.The prednisone DOES relieve the itching, but, it's also why I've gained 15 lbs. If anybody finds anything that helps with the itch, PLEASE let us all know!

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