Right calf swelling
lilytsup posted:
Hi! I have been diagnosed with SLE since 2010. I have experienced different kinds of symptoms that can be attributed to Lupus and most of it are joint pains that I constantly been having. Recently, about two weeks ago, both of my knees started swelling making it difficult for me to walk, use stairs, and get from sitting to standing and vice versa. Now, the swelling is just on the left knee and my right calf is swollen. There is pain but it is tolerable, and pain just bothers me when I walk or climb stairs. I could say what I feel is more of tightness and feeling that the calf is full. Whenever I touch it or do massage, it feels like there is a lot of fluid in it. Hope anyone can advise me regarding my new recent symptom. I will be having my checkup in three days. Thanks.