The importance of Vitamin D3 in lupus
lupylisa44 posted:
Hi everyone!

For the past few days I have been really sore all over and have nearly unbearable wrist pain. It's not the weather, since it has been beautiful here in CO for the past few days. It was a mystery as to why it came on all of a sudden like it did. That is, until I figured out that when I organized my pills for the week I noticed that I forgot my vitamin D3! I normally take 2000 i.u. twice a day.

If you have lupus and/or fibromyalgia like me, I highly recommend taking Vitamin D3!!! It's amazing how much of a difference it makes in my overall wellbing and in my pain levels. Hopefully it will work for you as well!

Recently there have been quite a few studies on the benefits of vitamin D3 in lupus/fibro patients and I, for one, am living proof that it works!!!

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.

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